Issue 230,  published October 15, 2019


Later this evening, Vox Media will hold an event for its growing podcast business at a (fairly swanky) space near its downtown Manhattan offices, which it’s billing as its first official podcast upfront. On the menu, aside from the customary Hors d’oeuvres, are details on several new upcoming projects.

Among them:

  • A new impeachment podcast (very trendy) hosted by Ezra Klein called Impeachment, Explained (what else?), which will debut on October 19 with new episodes dropping every Saturday (marking Vox Media’s second podcast effort that explicitly targets weekends);
  • Two new seasons of Land of the Giants — one on Google, hosted by The Verge’s Dieter Bohn, and the other on Netflix, hosted by Recode’s Rani Molla and the dude Peter Kafka — both out next year; and
  • The third season of its podcast on the real world impacts of policy, The Impact, which will now be hosted by senior producer Jillian Weinberger. That’s out in early January.

So here’s the thing about this news bite that most stands out to me: the very notion that a single podcast publisher, in this case Vox Media, is holding an upfront for itself, by itself. I suppose the IAB never held any monopoly on staging podcast upfronts, but I guess the thing I’m responding to is the fact that single-company upfronts aren’t the norm yet. Maybe it will be, soon enough.

Anyway, Reset, Vox Media’s big tech news podcast franchise that I wrote about last month, officially launches today, and the weather in New York is projected to be mild this evening, ahead of tomorrow’s rainfall.