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Vox Media Acquires Epic Magazine

This one came in overnight: for the uninitiated, Epic is the… I guess they call themselves a “content studio,” but it’s more specifically a firm that sources and produces long-form stories that can eventually be spun out as adapted properties for print, television and film. (One such notable project: Argo, later turned into a Ben Affleck Oscar vehicle.) They also do branded content work, via Epic Digital. The company was founded in 2013 by the journalists Josh Davis and Joshuah Bearman, though I feel like I’ve been following this company for much longer than that…

Anyway, why is this relevant to pods? According to the press email I got: “Vox Media will now move into scripted while tapping Epic’s team to continue doing what they’re best at — hunting down dynamic stories, bringing them to life via the written word and expanding them through podcasts, premium documentaries and TV.” Emphasis mine.