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Triton Digital Buys Omny Studios

A win for Australian startups, at the very least.

Triton Digital has announced the acquisition of the Melbourne based Omny Studio, a podcast hosting and publishing platform. The two companies have been part of an exclusive partnership since 2017, under which Triton was the sole reseller of Omny’s product in the US and Canada, and now that co-operation has been extended by full integration. All of Omny’s assets and technology are included in the deal, as well as the founders and team, who will now be employed by Triton. The Omny Studio CMS and hosting capabilities will now be offered as part of what Triton calls its “full-stack enterprise podcasting solution.”

The terms of the deal have not been disclosed, but the motivation for it isn’t hard to read. As younger podcast markets around the world mature, the easiest way for established US companies to take advantage is to work with, or acquire, operations that are already familiar with and profiting from the local industry. As the latest Infinite Dial research showed, there’s a higher-than-average awareness of podcasting in Australia, although a somewhat lower take up — an opportunity gap ripe for exploitation by canny marketeers, I suspect.

I think we’ll see a steady trickle of this kind of international acquisition over the next 12-24 months, incidentally, as global companies cautiously move into emerging markets. I would put Acast’s recent acquisition of Pippa in the same category, as a way of bringing a lot of French hosting accounts into the fold without having to start from scratch in a new territory.

Nick’s Note: Keep in mind that Triton Digital’s podcast platform is already the tool of choice for NPR, among other organizations of a similar ilk. That they’re now explicitly targeting “enterprise” customers is the thing to watch here.