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Tracking: October 22, 2019

New Life. Ten days after WNYC announced it was scaling back music programming and cutting a number of shows, including New Sounds, the station appears to have reversed its decision following a bit of an outcry.

This Week in Corporate Announcements. Marvel signs a deal that’ll see it making audio shows exclusively for SiriusXM’s Pandora. Here’s the Wall Street Journal on the matter. The news comes during a week-long stretch that also sees two big, buzzy corporate announcements by iHeartMedia: a partnership with Shonda Rimes, and an expansion of its relationship with Will Ferrell.

New Hot Pod Feature. So, the other day a reader told me that I’ve been too grumpy in the newsletter lately, and that I should make some effort at being more… positive, I suppose. First of all, shut your pie hole, and second of all, we here at Hot Pod take all our feedback seriously. As such, in response, I’m testing a short new segment that will hopefully, shall we say, balance things out. Not sure what it’s going to be called, but I’m calling it Grandpa Grumps-Uncle Fun for now. Good on you if you get the reference, but whatever. Here we go.

Grandpa Grumps: If you’re launching a new show, maybe don’t make a pre-roll ad the very first thing new listeners experience? Also: chill with the Epstein podcasts already, alright? Geez.

Uncle Fun: Nü-Slow Burn kicks off October 30. Hell yeah. Also: NBA SEASON MEANS NBA POD SEASON. Nate Duncan, spread your wings.