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Tracking: October 1, 2019

Audioboom CEO Rob Proctor steps down. The London-based company — historically oriented around its technology platform, but which has since diversified towards other business-to-business functions — made the news public yesterday, and further announced that COO Stuart Last is stepping into an interim CEO role. I don’t know about you, but the announcement struck me as rather abrupt.

When reached for comment, Last said: “Rob’s leaving us in a great position. We’re the biggest independent podcast company in the world right now, and I don’t expect this to have any negative impact on how we’re growing. I’ll be steering the ship while we figure out a strong long-term leadership plan.”

The last time we covered Audioboom extensively, it was in the context of its failed merger with Triton Digital last summer. More recently, the company got a $4 million cash infusion from Michael Tobin, its own chairman, and Candy Ventures, its largest shareholder, to fund more content deals, according to Inside Radio. It’s set to release third-quarter results next week.

Just tell me what to do. Up North, the CBC’s Podcast Playlist team has created an all-powerful podcast oracle — see: app — to help you find your next listen, just in time for International Podcast Day. The team even made a super cute video to mark the occasion.

The project reminds me of NPR’s Earbud initiative, from way back in 2016. Ah, we were all so young back then.

Show Notes

(1) Add two more projects to the list of official music podcasts: The Road Taken with CT and Baio, The Ringer’s upcoming joint venture with Vampire Weekend, along with Striped: The Story of the White Stripes, which comes from Misfire Media and Jack White’s Third Man Records.

(2) The Paris Review podcast is returning for a second season, courtesy of a partnership with Stitcher. Kicks off October 23.

(3) Starting this week, the NPR Politics podcast is moving to a daily publishing schedule straight through the 2020 elections. What’s the over/under on the number of daily election podcasts we’ll get by April? Forty?

Deezer announces distribution partnerships with five podcast platforms: Libsyn, Blubrry, Simplecast, Podomatic, and the France-based Ausha. Fun fact: Deezer, which is also based in France, used to own the Stitcher app, but sold it off to EW Scripps in 2016.