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Tracking: November 3, 2020

News, broadly…

  • Jason Concepcion (of Binge Mode fame, among many other things) has left The Ringer to join Crooked Media later this month.
  • Steve Lickteig, the executive producer of audio at NBC and MSNBC, has left the organization to start his own production company, Small Good Thing.
  • PRX has published an excerpt of the external investigation into the allegation of systemic and specific racism at the organization on its Medium page. The investigation was catalyzed by the recent departure of a Black employee, who publicly shared a letter in August detailing her negative experiences while working there.
  • Slate has announced a new upcoming season of Slow Burn: Joel Anderson will return to host an entire season on the 1992 LA riots, which will follow Noreen Malone’s upcoming season on the run-up to the Iraq War.
  • VICE has a fascinating new project out that’s produced entirely from user-generated content to tell global stories from the ground level. It’s called Source Material.