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Tracking: November 26, 2019

Show Notes

This Week in Public Media…

  • Jan Schaffer, ombudsperson of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, pens a post asking: “Should We Disrupt Public Media to Create More Local News?” This is probably a good time to re-up my deranged scribbles from June sketching out a technological inversion of NPR.
  • WBUR welcomes a new CEO and GM: Margaret Low, formerly of The Atlantic, who succeeds Charlie Kravetz in the role. Here’s the announcement post.

Elsewhere… The Third Coast Festival announced a new executive director last week: Shirley Alfaro.

In Court… The US Supreme Court has announced that it will not hear an appeal from Adnan Syed, the focus of Serial’s first season. He remains in prison serving a life sentence.

Uncle Fun: HBO’s adaptation/remixing/sequel of Watchmen is melting my brain, and I’m masochistically glad for the additional brain-melting provided by the official podcast that the premium cable network is being published off on the side. Featuring showrunner Damon Lindelof in conversation with Craig Mazin — he of Scriptnotes fame, but also of the other recent official HBO podcast that recaps the show he created, Chernobyl — the pod is satisfying recap stuff, giving me the same highs I used to get listening to Vince Gilligan on the Breaking Bad Insider podcast back when that show was still on its run. (Man, it’s been a long time.)

Anyway, it’s just a meta-recap podcast, meaning that it’s not part of the whole supplementary in-universe material gimmick that the show has also been publishing, which would have been cool.

Grandpa Grumps: Because it’s Thanksgiving week, I’ll double-up on the positives. Been really enjoying the latest 30 for 30 Podcast season, which has been relentlessly compelling.