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Tracking: May 21, 2019


  • The BBC is… um, “changing to stay the same,” and according to a speech by the corporation’s director of radio and education James Purnell at the 2019 Radio Festival in London last week, part of that effort involves developing an “public service algorithm” to deliver users more varied recommendations in its BBC Sounds app. Here’s the speech, and here’s Caroline’s analysis (paywalled).
  • From 9to5Mac: “‘Listen on Apple Podcasts’ replaces ‘iTunes’ for podcast previews ahead of standalone Mac app.”
  • Blubrry has introduced partial download reporting along side its IAB certified stats.
  • Rob Greenlee joins Libsyn.
  • From the Hollywood Reporter: “In its ongoing expansion of its digital facilities, Abrams Artists Agency has opened a podcast studio in-house… Podcasts on the client roster already include Andrew East’s Redirected, Jimmy Diresta’s Making It and Brandi Glanville’s Unfiltered.”
  • From Politico: “Podcasts have been key to Yang’s election strategy, unlike just about any other candidate‘s”… Well, except for Buttigieg, as I wrote about a few weeks back.
  • From Deadline: “‘Crime Junkie’: Team Behind Hit True-Crime Podcast Eye TV Projects Including Police Access Series & Scripted Show.” A production in collaboration with local police? More folks should probably be listening to Running From Cops
  • From TechCrunch: “Anchor’s new feature lets listeners leave voice messages for podcast hosts.”
  • From the Lenfest Institute’s Solution Set newsletter: “How High Plains Public Radio is building community with a book club.” Ties back to Caroline’s column on the podcast book club she’s building.
  • From Current: “Annual CPB report again finds smaller stations trailing in revenues.” NPR’s gains doesn’t necessarily translate to gains for the entire public radio system.
  • From the Globe and Mail (paywalled): “The perils of being ‘casual’: How precarious work affects the public broadcaster’s temporary employees.” Sounds familiar.

Release Notes

  • Leon Neyfakh’s Luminary show, Fiasco, drops this Thursday.
  • has a write-up on a new narrative sci-fi podcast built around the actress Jenny Slate, called Earth Break.
  • The TED Interview has returned for its second season.
  • WNYC drops a new show, Adulting, today.