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Tracking: May 16, 2019

Howard Stern on Fresh Air. [insert “most ambitious crossover event” meme here] Obviously, this is of interest to me.

Here’s the chunk that I’m still thinking about:

STERN: On satellite, they were giving me the time to do whatever I want. And Terry, I mean by whatever I want, I had no government restrictions. I could be as dirty as I wanted to be. I could be as outrageous as I wanted to be. And I realized rather quickly, that’s so boring on satellite radio. You have to rail against someone. All of the outrageousness that I was about was because the government hated it. Religious groups hated it. And now suddenly, I’m in the Wild West. I can talk about anything I want. It’s paid subscription radio.

You can listen to the interview here.


  • For the curious: Stitcher generated ~$15 million in revenue in the first quarter of this year, according to the most recent EW Scripps filing. As a reminder, Stitcher as a whole made ~$51 million last year, so it look likes they’re on track to beat it. On a related note, the podcast publisher just launched a new show with Bill Nye, called Science Rules, which feels akin to its work with LeVar Burton and Conan O’Brien.
  • Seems like Film-TV and podcast collab loop is tightening. iHeartMedia has made two film/TV-oriented branded plays in recent weeks — one with Warners Bros via Stuff You Missed In History Class on Godzilla; one with NBC on a companion podcast for the reality competition show Songland — and HBO just dropped a companion show for its new series Chernobyl, which features Peter Sagal and Scriptnotes’ Craig Mazin, who created and EP’s the HBO show.
  • There’s a new podcast convention starting up Tennessee later this month, called PodX. Set to take place May 31-June 2 in Nashville. Website here.
  • The “Produced By” Conference, which is staged by Producer’s Guild of America, is holding a podcast panel when it kicks up next month. Details here.
  • Not directly podcast-related, but worth keeping an eye on, given the ramifications for state-side tech companies and, more specifically, Spotify. From The Verge: “Kickstarter will not voluntarily recognize its employee union.”
  • A few things on the Spotify beat: Anchor is rolling out a “Voices Messages” feature; the company seems to be hiring for a “Talent & Casting Lead”; and a reminder that its original programming efforts aren’t only limited to the US. Here’s an example of a Swedish program.
  • Spotted: This Week in Tech advertising its podcasts on Techmeme. Smart campaign, IMHO.