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Tracking: March 5, 2019

  • ICYMI: two top Stitcher executives, Korri Kolesa and Lex Friedman, have left the company to take up leadership positions at Art19. I broke the news last Tuesday.
  • Pandora launched a new feature called “Pandora Stories,” which will allow creators to include voice tracks in music playlists as a way of telling stories.
  • Apple caused a slight brouhaha recently after publishing an update — meant to discourage “poor quality” podcast metadata — that caused some to believe that the Apple Podcast platform would remove shows with episode numbers included in the title. The company later clarified that this was not the case. Caroline had a smart analysis on the matter in a recent Insider, but if you’re not a paid Hot Pod subscriber, go here.
  • I hear that Pinna, the Graham Holdings-owned kids-oriented podcast platform that recently spun off from Panoply, just launched an Android version of its app, and is also now available in Canada and Australia.
  • Huh, looks like Podtrac brought back the Global Downloads on the ranker.
  • For those keeping tabs: Pocket Casts now has an Alexa Skill. Read The Verge on that development.
  • WNYC’s COO Depelsha MacGruder has been named interim CEO.
  • theSkimm, the newsletter-oriented news curation company, is launching its own daily news podcast, called Skimm This. Aimed at the evening commute, the first dispatch dropped yesterday.
  • On the ad tech front: Voxnest recently announced the launch of its own targeted advertising platform, called the Voxnest Audience Network. The media conglomerate Katz Media Group has signed on to be the first entity on the platform.

This time last year. To refresh: I’m copping this new feature from the very smart Ali Griswold, who writes a damn good newsletter on the sharing economy called Oversharing, where we go over the headlines from this point last year.

In the March 6, 2018 issue, kids start Chomping, folks are trying to figure out how to make money off Alexa, Spotify gets ready to IPO, Marc Maron moved garages, and Stitcher performs another windowing test with Dear Franklin Jones.