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Tracking: March 3, 2020

This came in yesterday: Pocket Casts, the popular third party podcast app, is receiving new investment money from BBC Studios, the commercial arm of the BBC. In addition to getting more funds to expand and carry out its operations, the investment also means that BBC Studios now joins the coalition of public media companies that collectively own Pocket Casts. That coalition includes NPR, WNYC, WBEZ, and This American Life; they acquired the app back in May 2018.

My sense is that the underlying thinking behind Pocket Casts has remained the same since that acquisition. You can read all about that here.

Outbreak. Much like the wave of impeachment pods that spread across the US a few months ago, a wave of coronavirus pods feels imminent. Over the past few days, CNN and ThreeUncannyFour have announced new audio projects that will cover the outbreak, and they almost certainly will not be the last.

PRX changes. The public media organisation PRX has added four new members to its board of directors: Jene Elzie of Athletes First Partners, Rima Hyder of FactSet, Tanya Jones of Aya Global, and Claudia Palmer of WGBH in Boston. In addition, Jon Abbott, the president and CEO of WGBH, has completed his eight year term on the board. Ma’ayan Plaut, formerly the podcast librarian at RadioPublic, has also joined the PRX marketing team to work on audience development.