Issue 251,  published March 24, 2020

Tracking: March 24, 2020

Spotify launches Podcast API, which is meant to allow developers to build apps and other digital experiences that could help listeners discover new podcasts on the platform. The audio streaming platform rolled out the API on Friday, and according to the corporate blog post on the matter, it will function similarly to Spotify’s music-related APIs. An expected gambit, given the company’s data-centricity and ambitions to become synonymous with the solution for long-standing problems associated with the podcast ecosystem.
Edison Research’s Infinite Dial 2020 is out, and you can find it here. There are a couple of noteworthy podcast-related top-lines — monthly podcast listening is now 37% of the total US population over twelve, Spotify now matches Pandora in terms of audio brands listened to within the past month — but I mean, given the events of the past week or so, my brain can’t stop viewing it as a snapshot of a world gone by.