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Tracking: June 4, 2019

Revolving Door Notes

  • Gimlet has announced a new Deputy Head of New Show Development: Collin Campbell, who joins from the Audible Originals team, where he worked on Evil Has a Name, Sincerely, X and The Making of a Massacre. Previously, he ran audio content and strategy at KPCC. Campbell will be based in Los Angeles, where, according to the internal Gimlet announcement, he will “tap into a new pool of talent on the West Coast.” The company will be apparently looking to hire two new LA-based producers in the near future.
  • Elsewhere in LA, the Los Angeles Times has hired Abbie Fentress Swanson as the Executive Producer for Audio, where she will “lead the production of podcasts and other editorial audio products, reporting to AME Len De Groot.” Here’s the announcement post.


  • This is interesting: Tim Ferriss, he of the very popular eponymous podcast, is kicking off a six-month test period where the podcast will drop its ad and sponsorship-based business model in favor of pure direct support. I’ll be keeping track of this, and here’s the announcement post.
  • The Weekly, the New York Times’ documentary TV series for FX and franchise expansion off The Daily, launched this past Sunday.
  • From 9to5Mac: “Castro Podcast Player for iOS adds support for creating and sharing podcast clips.” This comes not too long after Overcast added the same feature. Who’s next?
  • I’ll read anything Hua Hsu puts out, but this one’s extra interesting. From The New Yorker: “The Noises We Try Not to Hear.”

Release Notes

  • This Sounds Serious, the Canadian true crime parody by Kelly&Kelly, has returned for its second season.
  • New Hampshire Public Radio has announced a new project: Supervision, which “chronicles the story of one man’s journey to navigate a new life after release from prison.” It kicks off as a podcast this Wednesday, and it will be repackaged for radio broadcast on June 24-27 in the 6.30pm ET slot.
  • WGBH Radio has partnered with PRX and Gen-Z Media to launch a podcast version of Molly of Denali, the PBS Kids show rooted in Native storytelling. Debuted last Thursday, ahead of the TV show’s premiere.
  • Wonder Media Network is launching its first daily podcast: Encyclopedia Womannica, which endeavors to bring “the often overlooked contributions women have made throughout history to the fore.” Each episode runs for five minutes, and the series will publish for the next year.