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Tracking: June 27, 2019

Another day, another Spotify link. Also: expansion pathways for news orgs with pods.

Speaking of non-English language pods… Here’s something to track. From CNN’s Brian Stelter: “The Washington Post’s next expansion is in another language. The company’s newsroom is launching a twice-a-week Spanish language podcast and the opinion section is beginning to publish pieces in Spanish.”

On the top of audience expansion by podcast-slinging news organizations, one should pair this with the following Digiday piece from earlier this month: “The New York Times’ news podcast ‘The Daily’ is delving deeper into European politics with a weeklong series to help grow its global audience.

Another day, another Spotify link… Saw this Markets Insider piece floating around, which is being used to signal that some Wall Street investors are broadly feeling positive about Spotify’s major investments in podcasting.

I would, however, caution against the story to mean some investors are positive *on podcasting in general*. Maybe I’m just a Suspicious Susan, but it seems to me that, beyond the podcast community, the positive business story of podcasting has essentially become a story about Spotify — and not necessarily about podcasting itself. This is tricky space.

Anyway, the chunk that really caught my eye:

SunTrust Robinson Humphrey hosted an investor meeting with members of Spotify’s management team on Tuesday and said the company predicts exclusive content deals will strengthen user engagement and monetization for its podcast business.

“The company sees it as a content arms race and not many others are racing alongside SPOT,” Matthew Thornton, an analyst at SunTrust Robinson Humphrey said in a research note published on Tuesday.

That’s the game, y’all.