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Tracking: July 30, 2019


  • AdsWizz, the digital audio advertising solutions provider that was acquired by Pandora last summer, has rolled out new ad insertion software that it says “fully supports the Remote Audio Data (RAD).” If you need a reminder on all this RAD business, hit up this old write-up from The Verge.
  • NPR has made a new addition to the announcement that handles the organization’s digital funding credits: Cara Stevens, who joins Chioke I’anson and Jessica Hansen. This credit announcement team, by the way, is the primary ad read mechanism that NPR uses in its podcasts instead of host-read ads.
  • From Engadget: “Amazon cancels podcast-inspired ‘Lore’ after two seasons.”
  • From The Hollywood Reporter: “Spotify Acquires Music Podcast ‘The 500.’” A reminder that as much as Spotify is a buyer of podcast companies, it’s also a buyer of podcasts more generally. Interestingly, The 500 will continue to be available on all platforms outside of Spotify as well.
  • From the Wall Street Journal: “Apple Dominates App Store Search Results, Thwarting Competitors.”
  • From the Pew Research Center: “A Week in the Life of Popular YouTube Channels.” Always worth looking over in that direction. By the way, if you, like me, find YouTube and influencer culture eminently interesting, you should be following Taylor Lorenz.

Release Notes

  • Fresh off the buzz of Bear Brook, New Hampshire Public Radio has announced details for two upcoming projects: Patient Zero, a Taylor Quimby-hosted series that will investigate what it calls “one of the most enigmatic and controversial epidemics of the 21st century,” i.e. Lyme Disease (drops August 15); and Stranglehold, which will be the station’s locally-focused presidential election project, tasked with unpacking the state’s power and relationship with the primaries (drops September 4).
  • I’m told that SkimmThis, the bite-sized evening-focused daily news podcast published by The Skimm, has crossed the 10 million lifetime download mark last week, around the same time that it dropped its 100th episode. The show, which is produced in partnership with Cadence13, launched back in March.
  • Pinna, the Graham Holdings-owned kids-focused paid podcast platform, is still humming along, and the company sent over details for two interesting new projects that’s being added to its growing portfolio: Piper in the Dots, a “musical interactive podcast”; and Quentin & Alfie’s ABC Adventures, a show meant to help kids with phonological awareness.
  • Yesterday, Stitcher published the trailer for an upcoming nonfiction narrative series called Mob Queens, which will “explore the story of Anna Genovese, a New York drag club maven, self-styled entrepreneur and mob wife.” It will be hosted by Jessica Bendinger and Michael Seligman, and it will debut on August 19.
  • Earios, the women-led comedy-inclined podcast network that’s been making a hard press push lately, has added three shows to its roster: The Big One, a conversational show discussing ethical conundrums; The Alarmist, a history-ish show; and Sex for Money, a game show that endeavors to “demystify the sexual experience.” If you’re keeping tabs: Earios is partnered with Acast.
  • Here’s a branded podcast that I found pretty well-executed: Vanguard, by Shopify Studios. Its second season rolled out earlier this month. I think there’s quite a bit of overlap here, in terms of brand strategy at least, with what Mailchimp has been doing with podcasts and internally-produced media more broadly.
  • Keep an eye on Radiotopia this morning.