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Tracking: January 25, 2019

Adam Carolla renews deal, the next Infinite Dial, AirPod 2?

(1) Adam Carolla renews his deal with PodcastOne that will see the comedian frontlining the Los Angeles podcast network until 2023. Here’s the Variety report on the matter. That dude basically makes the company, so this is noteworthy.

Make sure you catch this claim from the story: The privately held company’s revenue has grown 25%-30% annually for the last five years, according to [Norm] Pattiz. After investing in back-end technology infrastructure and programming for the past three years, PodcastOne in 2019 will be ‘solidly in the black,’ he claimed. Broadcasting company Hubbard Radio owns a 30% stake in PodcastOne, with the remainder primarily owned by Pattiz. Uh-huh.

(2) The next Infinite Dial report from Edison Research will go out on March 2.

(3) 9to5Mac: “iOS 12.2 includes ‘Hey Siri’ setup interface for rumored AirPods 2.” I’m still on this here “talking to your phone is probably going to be important for audio distribution” train.

(4) Between TNT partnering with the My Favorite Murder duo to promo that new Chris Pine TV show and Netflix making branded podcasts about their shows, there’s an angle somewhere here about other manifestations of the Hollywood-Podcast overlap. But I have a headache, and I’ll do that some other time.