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Tracking: January 18, 2019

  • Shortly after Megaphone announced its partnership with iHeartMedia, Art19 has announced a partnership with Tribune Media, specifically the division its calling the “Tribune Audio Network.” Art19 President of Content Roddy Swearngin tells me: “Tribune’s plan to leverage the full range of our system’s capabilities, including our new Smart Audiences demographic targeting tool, is very exciting. As ART19 expands into broadcast, the demand we’re encountering for programmatic ad solutions, domestically and abroad, is increasing. We are continuing to invest heavily in these tools and we’re looking forward to helping Tribune maximize revenue from their digital audio.” Tribune Media, by the way, should be perceived as separate from Tribune Publishing, the news publishing arm which it spun off as a separate company in 2013 and covers properties like the Chicago Tribune, the New York Daily News, and the Hartford Courant. You might know that latter division better as the company formerly known as Tronc. Anyway, Tribune Media is the entity that covers its broadcasting (i.e. TV and radio stations), digital media, and misc assets.
  • Related: “Voxnest Unveils Spreaker Enterprise Podcasting Platform for High-volume Content Creators.” (Press release)
  • Google is now testing episode closed captioning, apparently. This is going to be very helpful for my review-writing process, I imagine. (9to5Google)
  • Anchor claims that it’s currently “powering” 40% of new podcasts and that “it’s effectively doubled the number of podcasts running ads since launching its new monetization platform back in November.” The company notes that its basing these estimates off Magellan, the podcast analytics startup that does a lot of advertising analysis. I’m inclined to trust Magellan, but as always, I’d take claims like these with a grain of salt, particularly since we’re talking about a wide, wide ecosystem of open creation that’s (still) not centrally organized or comprehensively tracked by some reliable trade body. (TechCrunch)
  • Not specifically podcast-related, but saw this press release going around yesterday: “According to data from Nielsen Audio, WNYC 93.9 FM’s December average weekly audience of 969,300 was the largest for any month, and the Fall 2018 average weekly audience of 947,100 was the largest for any quarter… Nielsen data also shows that in 2018, WNYC-FM reached its most diverse audience ever, with Black and Hispanic listeners comprising 30 percent of the station’s audience.”
  • This one is just for me: KCRW’s Unfictional is coming back later this month.