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Tracking: April 23, 2019


  • There’s a new podcast incubator specifically dedicated to women of color called “From the Margins to the Center,” and applications are now open. The program is developed by AMPED, an audio education non-profit based in Denver, in partnership with the Denver-based House of Pod, Podcasts in Color, and Lantigua Williams & Co. Here’s the link.
  • Now that Pandora is firmly within SiriusXM’s control, the former has added talk shows from the latter into its service, presenting them as podcasts. Here’s Engadget.
  • Cadence13 appears to be locked in some sort of legal battle with Chris Hardwick, according to TMZ.
  • Wondery has struck up a partnership with Universal Music Group to create music-flavored podcasts that “could later be developed into films and TV shows,” the Los Angeles Times reports.
  • All ye’ pitch deck makers, here’s a pertinent Nielsen blog post for your purposes: “How Podcast Advertising Measures Up.”
  • Facebook is working on a voice assistant platform of its own, because arms races take on all forms and fronts. Here’s the CNBC write-up.
  • From TechCrunch: “HipChat founders launch Swoot, a social podcast app.” Shouts to Breaker and the service formerly known as Anchor, which is still known as Anchor, I suppose.

Release Notes

  • WBUR’s Endless Thread is back next month with a new season… only measles, vaccines, and anti-vaxxers. Super timely, y’all.
  • This is Love, the spin-off podcast from Radiotopia’s Criminal team, announced last week that it’s coming back on May 1 with stories… from Italy. Damn!
  • Amidst all the original content that’s flowing out of Spotify’s spigot, let’s not forget about Dissect, which returned last week with a new season on Tyler, The Creator’s “Flower Boy.”
  • Lipstick and Vinyl, the Los Angeles-based podcast firm founded by former PodcastOne VP Allyson Marino, is now in the business of original programming, launching its first show, The Only One in the Room, last week.