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This Week in Spotify

Two stories to follow if you’re keeping an eye on whether Spotify will indeed become the next Great Podcast Platform:

  • Here’s a visual look at how Spotify’s app redesign looks like, courtesy of The Verge, which only appears to have hit a small percentage of users at this point in time. Two things: firstly, note that a spokesperson for the company declined to definitively say if this is, indeed, the version that will roll out to all users at the end of the day. And secondly, note that the images only pertain to the “My Library” section of the app. I don’t really have a gut take on this just yet, other than to say: I have a feeling this is merely the tip of the iceberg.
  • Spotify is apparently working on its first piece of hardware: a voice-controlled smart assistant for the car that the company is calling…. well, “Car Thing.” (The name is probably a placeholder, but I do hope they keep it. Shouts to the branding-slash-verbal identity expert that came up with that.) This development doesn’t come out of nowhere, as there have been reports dating back to last summer of the company registering with the FCC, which is, as Variety explained, a necessary first step to getting devices approved by the government for use within the United States. If you should take away just one thing: sets up a pretty interesting clash with car OEMs, which is the space within which terrestrial radio companies make their bread.

A lot more Spotify in the newsletter these days, huh?