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The Many Forms of the Mueller Report

In case you’ve spent the past few months furiously problem-solving your way off Mars, a redacted version of the highly anticipated Mueller Report was delivered into the public domain last Thursday, triggering a flood of related content across all media formats. Including, of course, on-demand audio.

Here’s a version I thought was interesting: Slate produced a narrated adaptation that was distributed through the Trumpcast feed, which featured Gabriel Roth and June Thomas reading aloud the report’s executive summaries.

“The idea came up a few weeks ago when we were planning our Mueller report coverage for the website — we thought our audience would appreciate the chance to hear some of the report in audio form,” Roth told me. “Trumpcast listeners, in particular, have been following the twists and turns of the Russia investigation avidly, and many of them probably won’t have a chance to read the full text of the report until the weekend, so it seemed like a useful service to give them the summaries in podcast form. (We did something similar with the audio from the Michael Cohen hearings in February.)”

The response appears to be good so far. “At least, as far as I can tell from Twitter and email,” Roth added.

Another format to note: Audible, which appears to have multiple recordings of the report. Here’s a free version that was developed as part of an initiative to create an archive of audio documents in the public interest, and here’s not so free one produced by the Washington Post with additional material.