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The Daily makes a big Brand Marketing push

Watch for Michael Barbaro's voice everywhere.

I’m being told that the New York Times is readying up for a major brand campaign for The Daily that will see the organization’s flagship daily news podcast blasted out in a bunch of different ways in a bunch of different places. There will be Barbaro-driven 15-second and 30-second spots on TV, Hulu, and YouTube, along with terrestrial and streaming radio.

Notably, the campaign will also include ye’ old outdoor advertising elements. This is how it’s described in the press release: “The out-of-home campaign will start to roll out this Sunday, July 15, and will span three U.S. cities, featuring: highway billboards and a wallscape domination in Los Angeles; a light rail wraparound in Portland (Oregon); and a complete takeover of the Ogilvie Transportation Center in Chicago, among other outdoor media.” Wallscape domination! What a phrase! Seeing as how I’m based in Portland for the summer, I’m pretty excited to feel the surreality of spotting The Daily crawl over my morning commute.

Here’s one of the digital mock-ups that were sent to me:

Anyway, it’s been interesting to see more podcasts adopt outdoor advertising spots to varying extent these days. HowStuffWorks ran Atlanta Monster billboards back when that show came out. Midroll worked its parent company EW Scripps’ relationship with Nasdaq to run a weekend-long Times Square campaign earlier this month. Spotify ran a couple of podcast-oriented ads in the New York subway system. KQED’s been plugging their on-demand programming in the Bay Area’s BART system too. And, unless I’m mistaken, I believe Umpqua Bank’s branded podcast, Open Account, was advertised on the Trimet system here in Portland a few years ago when that production was still active. It’s gradually becoming more common, I think, but I still can’t shake the feeling of how weird it is to see it. I’ll snap a picture if I spot one in the wild in the coming weeks.

A side note, while we’re still on the subject of The Daily: I’m still keeping tabs on the extent to which the show works as a repackaged product for broadcast public radio stations. I caught the show through Oregon Public Broadcasting recently, and because I stumbled onto it about ten minutes into the episode, it took me a long time to figure out what was going on — or even that I was listening to The Daily. I guess I’m still not convinced the narrative news podcast works on the radio.

In any case, American Public Media tells me that the repackage is currently picked up by 34 APM affiliate stations, six of which are in the top ten markets in the United States. Those six are KPCC and KCRW in Los Angeles (#2), WBEZ in Chicago (#3), KALW in San Francisco (#4), KUFH in Houston-Galveston (#6), and WAMU in DC (#7). Fun fact: the repackage is also being aired through KHNS in Haines, Arkansas; WGGL in Houghton, Michigan; and WHQR in Wilmington, North Carolina, all three of which are listed as the #9999 market. Wild.

Notably, The Daily repackage is not picked up in the #1 market, New York City, which is the domain of New York Public Radio. Interesting, much.