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The Coronavirus Issue: Editor’s Note

Hey folks,

More so than anything else in a very long time, the global coronavirus pandemic is a total event against which almost everything will be reorganized, whether it’s by virtue of its immediate effects on daily life or its longer-term economic impact.

You can bet your ass we’re taking all of it very seriously here in Hot Pod, as any reasonable assessment of the situation would find that the risks and the danger are very real, immensely consequential, and utterly apathetic to whether you believe in them or not.

And I should say: we will also be taking you very seriously as well, as we always do. However you’re feeling, however you’re dealing with things, however you’re strategizing for these anxious times are all things — we will be here to recognize, witness, and document you. Sure, ours is a strange and still-emerging community, but it’s an unambiguously tangible one with livelihoods to preserve, people to serve, and work to do.

In that spirit, we decided to publish this week’s issue a day early, because it’s packed with things that we hope you will find helpful: a picture on how various teams are shifting their workflows and priorities in response to social distancing measures; a view on how several independent podcasters are processing the volatility of everything, and some tips and resources on working from home.

We’re also publishing early because the situation is rapidly changing. I’m writing this intro shortly after the White House issued new guidelines for containment, which includes a recommendation against gatherings of over ten people. Such guidelines, and every one that comes after that, will likely result in subsequent changes in the preparedness plans that will be presented in this issue.

One more thing before we get started: we will be continuing to gather information and publish as usual, no matter how long these conditions persist. My inbox, text messages, and Twitter remain open for your news bites, questions, ideas, and anxieties, or if you just want to swap jokes.

Okay, let’s jump in.