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The Bill Clinton Show

Another Clinton, another podcast.

Former president Bill Clinton has started a podcast, Why Am I Telling You This? as part of the Clinton Foundation’s work to “help explain the factors shaping our interconnected world – and why we should be optimistic about its future”. Apparently it will include conversations with the foundation’s staff and a range of external experts as well as Chelsea Clinton and (maybe) Hillary Clinton. The topics covered will be a combination of reflections from his time in office and discussion of contemporary policy.

My favourite write up of this news comes from CNN, which said “Podcasting is a somewhat natural next step for the former president, whose love of telling stories is legendary in Arkansas, his home state, and across the country,” which makes it sound a bit like his employees and family have invented this podcast project in order to get Clinton talking into a microphone rather than at them all the time.

Of course, Bill Clinton’s way behind the times here — Hillary was pretty early onto the politician-podcasting bandwagon in 2016 with her campaign trail show With Her. Apparently she won’t be directly involved in Bill’s show, but still: she might be able to offer some tips.