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Studio 360 is coming to an end

Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen is coming to an end, PRX announced last week. Andersen will wrap his full-time role with the production at the end of the month. The final episode is set to air next February, tying up a full two decade run, and the show’s digital audio archive will be made permanently available for on-demand consumption.

PRX would not provide a specific reason for the show’s wind-down, with chief operating officer John Barth citing “a variety of factors.” Originally a co-production of PRI and WNYC when it launched in 2000, Studio 360 became a PRI and Slate co-production in 2017 when WNYC decided to refocus its efforts and resources into projects it completely owns. It came into PRX’s charge following the PRX-PRI merger last summer.

Pour one out for Studio 360, which was a pretty consequential institution, talent-wise. A decent number of producers working in public radio and private podcasting today came through Studio 360 at one point or another, and more than a few ended up as front-of-mic personalities. One tiny example: Sean Rameswaram, currently the host of Today, Explained, once hosted a Studio 360 spin-off podcast called Sideshow.

On a related note: Studio 360 wasn’t the only WNYC-affiliated show that came to a close last week. Last Friday, the New York public radio giant announced that it will end New Sounds, its beloved and long-running music show of 37 years hosted by John Schaeffer, by the end of the year. According to the New York Times, which first reported the news, the station is also planning to close “most of its remaining music programming, as it shifts to more news and talk.”

All things must come to an end, I suppose.