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Stitcher Switching Preferred Platform

Before I move off this topic, I wanted to flag something I found interesting: Stitcher appears to be in the process of changing platform vendors for hosting services provided by Midroll, the company’s sales division. Midroll’s preferred platform had been Art19, but it’s now switching to Omny, the Australian hosting platform that Triton Digital acquired in June. Here’s some matryoshka doll action for ya: EW Scripps, Stitcher’s parent company, acquired Triton Digital last December.

“Over the past few months, Stitcher has been testing Triton Digital’s ad serving infrastructure and programmatic exchange in our Stitcher app and through a sample of our owned and operated podcasts,” said Diehn in a statement, forwarded yesterday. “Triton’s acquisition of innovative podcast hosting company Omny Studio represents an exciting opportunity to explore the powerful new capabilities this platform integration will unlock for Stitcher and its partners – improved content management, better data and insights, increased monetization opportunities and a growing suite of data-driven advertising solutions. At Stitcher, our goal is always to keep the interests of our partners at the forefront and we look forward to serving them with the introduction of a new set of tools later this year.”

Strictly speaking, it’s a somewhat minor development, as it only practically affects the non-owned and operated partner shows that opt into Stitcher’s hosting services. But I had been curious about the ramifications of the Omny acquisition, and this news bite ties up that loose end for me.