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Stitcher begins hosting platform switchover

Last week, the EW Scripps-owned podcast company sent out an email informing its Midroll clients — a.k.a. podcasters who Stitcher reps for advertising sales — that it is officially starting to move all its represented shows onto the Omny hosting platform. We first reported on Stitcher’s plans to do so back in July. The company’s previous preferred platform was Art19.

The move is tethered to two specific goals. Firstly, it’s meant to better align Midroll’s metric reporting with the IAB Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines 2.0, which continues to be the measurement standard that many in the podcast industry are working to rally advertisers around.

Secondly, the change is associated with Midroll’s plans to move into “full catalogue” sales — that is, selling ads not just on current and future episodes, but using dynamic ad insertion to effectively bundle together inventory from past episodes as well. This is the most noteworthy chunk of this development, as the move would bring Stitcher further in line with the broader podcast ecosystem’s on-going efforts to “modernize” its advertising capabilities to make it more appealing to a broader pool of advertisers.

This eye on sales modernization is specifically reflected in Stitcher’s stated reasoning when explaining the switch to Omny. In the email circulated to partners, the company highlighted the platform’s ability to target ads to specific listeners, which it calls “a significant advertiser request.”