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Spotify’s global podcast listenership?

A Voxnest study suggests gains across a few continents.

A small insight into where Spotify is outpacing Apple in this research from Voxnest. South and Central America are strong Spotify territories (which we’ve known for a while, hence why they’re interested in bilingual English-Spanish commissions) but now Spain, India and Indonesia have also turned green. Italy and some eastern European countries are already dominated by Spotify, but I’m very interested to see whether the Swedish platform chooses to challenge Apple’s dominance in markets like the UK and Germany, or whether their recent much-hyped launch in India shows that their sights are on newer markets elsewhere.

Related: From a recent YouGov BrandIndex survey report:

In recent months, both brands [Spotify and Pandora] have been turning to podcasts to help boost their profits. YouGov data suggests Spotify might have an edge here, as 30% of Spotify users say they listen to a podcast at least once per week, compared to 17% of Pandora users who report the same. Overall, the majority of regular Pandora users (57%) say they never listen to podcasts. For Spotify users, the opposite is true: the majority (58%) report listening to podcasts at least occasionally.