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Slate is developing a What Next spin-off

Slate is developing a What Next spin-off. And unlike the core Mary Harris-led news podcast, it won’t be a daily show. Called What Next: TBD, the spin-off will focus on technology stories on a weekly basis, with new episodes dropping every Friday. Notably, it will be hosted by the great Lizzie O’Leary, the former host of Marketplace Weekend, current contributor to The Atlantic, and iconic dog tweeter.

“I’m thrilled to be joining Slate, and really excited about making a new offshoot of What Next that’s focused on tech and the future,” said O’Leary in a statement. “Mary and her team do great work; and our goal with this spinoff is to tackle big questions about the ways in which our world is changing, and who benefits from those changes (and who doesn’t). I’ve always been interested in unseen power and how can affect our daily lives, so that’s something I’m particularly keen to dig into.”

Producing the show will be Ethan Brooks, who has worked on episodes of What Next in the past. What Next: TBD will kick off on October 25.