Section: Meta

Section: Meta
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Introducing: Sections and Deep Dive

On Tuesday, we rolled out a new feature on the Hot Pod website: Sections and Deep Dives, which are meant to help readers have an easier time navigating the archives during the course of their research. You can find them on the right rail on the home page, like so: Note that I haven’t filled […]

April 4, 2019
Hot Pod Insider

Meta Note: March 28, 2019

On Spreadsheets and Databases, coming soon.

March 28, 2019
Hot Pod

Editor’s Note

I’ll keep this short. Hot Pod has had a pretty good year, I think. We broke some intriguing stories, like Panoply divesting from the content business and the Wall Street Journal partnering with Gimlet on a daily news podcast, and though the newsletter isn’t built to break stories or to be particularly scoopy, it’s nice […]

December 18, 2018
Hot Pod

Column: The Same As It Ever Was

For as long as I’ve been writing this newsletter, there has always been talk about the podcast bubble. Indeed, the first time I spoke at a podcast panel, at an alumni event for my alma mater back in February 2015 at WNYC’s Greene Space in Manhattan, the moderator, who now leads a fairly notable podcast […]

September 25, 2018
Hot Pod

Meta: Caroline Crampton joins Hot Pod

Hey all, As you might have noticed by now, Hot Pod has its limitations. And they are completely mine: my capabilities, my judgment, my tastes, my biases. In some ways, this is an asset: a worldview is a differentiator. In others, it is also a tremendous liability: I only have so many hours in a […]

August 28, 2018
Hot Pod

Introducing: Hot Pod 3.0

Hey all! Today, I’m announcing some big changes to Hot Pod: how it looks, how it feels, and how it will publish. Here are the changes, in the bullet form:, the front page of Hot Pod, has been completely redesigned. As you can probably tell by now. The redesigned website will now contain all […]

New year, new you, new shoes.

June 29, 2018