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Turn on the Big Light

The scarcity of podcast networks is something that I hear lamented quite a bit in the UK. With these discussions, I think what’s being meant tends to be in the Radiotopia vein — a collection of disparate shows with some commonalities, gathered together under one recognisable brand name for reasons of collaboration on both the creative […]

January 21, 2020
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Breaking Down the BBC’s Latest Numbers

Just before Christmas, the BBC put out a press release announcing “record listening on BBC Sounds” and hailing “a surge in podcast listening.” There are now three million weekly users for “the BBC’s digital home for all audio,” it said, a major increase on the 1.3 million figure announced in June 2019. For the first […]

January 14, 2020
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Primal Stream

This one needs a wind-up. Back in June, I interviewed Alan Bennett from the HeadStuff podcast network in Ireland, who had just taken over a historic recording studio in Dublin and was about to reopen it as a podcast studio complex. We were talking about the state of Irish podcasting more generally, speculating as to […]

November 12, 2019
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Insider: August 30, 2019

Acast has received €25 million in financing from the European Investment Bank as part of an unusual “quasi-equity” deal. Wait, what? Also: Ximalaya, plus Spotify-Anchor integration

August 30, 2019
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Deep Dive: Stitcher and Wondery Partners to Pursue Pounds

This news dropped came out last week, but it’s worth unpacking. The two podcast companies have launched a new joint venture called Podfront UK, which holds the express purpose of establishing a sales presence in the region to monetize the considerable UK-based listens experienced by both companies. I’m told that the UK represents the third […]

July 17, 2019
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Startup Watch: Podimo

The “Netflix for Podcasts” Theory and Non-US Markets

July 7, 2019
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Tracking: July 2, 2019

First Look Media has shut down two of its digital properties: Topic Magazine and The Nib, and the organization appears to be doing so to allocate more resources to’s original video content production. Study Hall’s media newsletter first reported the development. However, I’ve been told that these cuts do not affect the podcast operations […]

July 2, 2019
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RadioPublic has struck up a partnership with Subela

A Patreon-like playbook?

June 24, 2019
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In Ireland, A Collective Plays The Waiting Game

The place where I live in the north west of England often feels closer to Ireland than it does to London. My city, Liverpool, has lots of historic, cultural, and family tries that visibly cuts across the Irish Sea. Indeed, it constantly surprises me sometimes with just how connected the two places are. For instance: […]

June 18, 2019
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Triton Digital Buys Omny Studios

A win for Australian startups, at the very least.

June 13, 2019