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RadioPublic has struck up a partnership with Subela

A Patreon-like playbook?

RadioPublic has struck up a partnership with Subela, a Chilean digital radio and podcasting platform, to leverage the former’s Podsite tool, which helps podcasters quickly build websites for their shows, and curated collections feature with the intent of aiding in the expansion of podcasting in the country.

In the announcement post, RadioPublic CEO Jake Shapiro noted that Chile has the fastest-growing podcast audience in the world. Worth keeping in mind: Shapiro cites this Voxnest report, though it seems the finding is based on listening data that’s happening on the Voxnest platform itself, and “fastest growing” is relative to the base number, which may be small. In any case, this move reflects RadioPublic’s deepening efforts tool-building for creators, which, in my mind, suggests the possibility of Patreon-like playbook for the company moving forward.

On a separate but related note, I was at the PRX-Google Podcast Creators’ Program Showcase in Boston on Wednesday night, and, I thought Las Raras, the team from Chile, in particular, was very, very good.