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Quick Follow-up to CastBox

Placing things in a little context.

I’m still thinking through my follow-up to this week’s broader column about subscription-first on-demand audio ventures, but I wanted to briefly highlight a follow-up discussion about those CastBox daily number user numbers, which was said to be in the territory of 2 million.

Over Twitter, reader Dave Zohrob situated CastBox’s DAU number within the context of other podcast listening apps. He wrote:

Pocket Casts claims 1MM *monthly* active users (per a presentation at the @ProductHunt NYC meetup last month) and RadioPublic 600k monthly. 2MM *daily* users is wild, indeed.

Meanwhile,’s Saul Carlin suspected that CastBox’s numbers might have to do something with an unbranded version of the app that, until recently, appeared in the Google Play Store “as if it was Google’s default player.” Here’s the link to that app, which is simply named “Podcast Player.”

If Carlin is right, then — fair play, I guess? What I’m still trying to think through is a good way of verifying the plausibility of those numbers beyond an eyeball-oriented “oh that makes sense” sort of rubric. Then again, reporting on the success of podcasts using download numbers isn’t too far from that…