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POC in Audio Directory Launches

Last October, I wrote about the producer Phoebe Wang’s acceptance speech at the Third Coast Festival that doubled as a rousing a call-to-action: a crew of organizers — Adizah Eghan, Zakiya Gibbons, Aliya Pabani, Afi Yellow-Duke, and Wang — were building a directory of producers of color to negate claims by audio institutions that it is difficult to find producers of color to hire, and that both producers looking to be included into the list should get in touch. (The whole speech can be read here.)

The organizers would receive almost 500 entries. Today, nine months after Wang’s call-to-action in Chicago, the POC in Audio directory has finally gone live. You can find the database here.

“This website is a growing directory of almost 500 people of colour who work in audio around the world,” reads a disclaimer that pops up when you first open the page. “It’s both a place for employers to find POC candidates, and a place where POC can find each other for meetups, collaborations, advice and so on, which means that not everyone you’ll see on here is actively looking for a job.”

When reached for comment, the organizers — who developed and launch the directory in their spare and in-between time — sent this back:

The POC in Audio directory is a place where employers can find POC candidates, and POC can find each other for meetups, advice, mentorships and collaborations.

More than diversity stats, we want to hear work that’s more distinct, more nuanced, and more inclusive. We want an industry where POC are supported and valued not as moral fact-checkers, but because we advance the medium with our varied voices, influences and skills.

We want to emphasize that on its own, this directory is not a solution. We invite others to take on the work of addressing industry inequities alongside us, and those who have come before.

Again, you can find the directory here.