Organization: New Hampshire Public Radio

Organization: New Hampshire Public Radio
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The Power That Be

There’s a lot going on over in New Hampshire. Back in September, the public radio station over there, NHPR, launched a podcast called Stranglehold, which sought to interrogate the mythology around the Granite State’s status as the first to vote in the presidential primaries. It’s a status that has given New Hampshire a considerable amount […]

December 10, 2019
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Full Q&A with NHPR’s Bear Brook team

For more detail on the Direct Donation Experiment.

April 4, 2019
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Public Radio Podcasts as Direct Donation Vehicle: A Cast Study

Last October, New Hampshire Public Radio released Bear Brook, a six-part investigative podcast that amounted to a big swing for the station. The project had local flavor; the case looked into a series of unidentified bodies found years earlier in the eponymous state park, But the podcast had broad potential appeal: Bear Brook, after all, […]

April 2, 2019