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Major Podcast Acquisitions up to February 2020: Analysis

We should probably start at the beginning.

Last Wednesday saw the official announcement that Spotify, already the biggest buyer of podcast companies to date, was to make a fourth acquisition: The Ringer. I wrote about the deal in an extra newsletter, and mulled over the details a little more in Thursday’s Insider, where I noted that it wasn’t lost on me (and others) that the four podcast companies acquired by Spotify were all founded by… well, white dudes.

I planned to follow up by writing a whole column about the significance of (and trouble with) this data point for this newsletter. But as I started drafting, it occurred to me that I haven’t made an inventory of all podcast acquisitions in a while. So I dug back through the archives to do just that, while sending out a couple of emails and messages along with a tweet to check for significant omissions.

A handful of helpful replies and dad jokes later, this is what I roughly came up with:

Updated: February 15, 2020