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Oh, Hello

Let’s wrap up today with something completely not coronavirus-related. So, I’m plenty excited about the fact that Oh, Hello — the two-man comedy act by John Mulaney and Nick Kroll, originally derived from a skit off the latter’s Comedy Central program, and at one point was a Broadway performance — now has a podcast incarnation.

Much of this excitement is a personal taste thing, given that I’m a fan of both comedians along with the whole Oh, Hello gimmick in general. But I also wanted to give a quick shout-out to the show’s spectacular trailer, delivered by the show’s producer Lina Misitzis (of This American Life, The Butterfly Effect, and The Last Days of August). You can listen to the trailer yourself, obviously, but for whatever reason, if you’d rather have it described to you in text, here’s Vulture.

Anyway, it’s a good trailer! Also, I’m personally and professionally convinced that there have been only three types of podcast trailers ever made:

(1) The “Hi, I’m so and so, and I’m here to Verbally Explain to you what this show is about, and what it isn’t about” Trailer (see Music Exists);

(2) The “Supercut of Upcoming Episodes” Trailer (see Hilarious World of Depression); and

(3) The “I’m going to give you what might sound a completely random thing, but is actually a direct representation of the kind of stuff you’ll get on this show” Trailer (see: This is Love, which is about creepy-ass spider behavior).

Sometimes (2) starts off as (1), and sometimes a (2) might seem like a (3), and occasionally a (3) might think it’s doing a (2) but is actually doing a (1). Whatever the case, it seems to me that the creative ballgame, should you choose to play it, is any attempt to stretch the boundaries of either of the three formats to the point of novel non-recognizability, while still being able to perform the fundamental functions of trailer, which is communicate what this thing is about, who the person talking is, and why you might want to listen to the thing.

Anyway, the Oh, Hello trailer is very clearly a (3), and a super fun one at that.