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NYT Audio Expands With New Hires

Looks like the New York Times is getting ready for the next phase of whatever its audio division is going to become. I’m hearing that the Times’ audio team is announcing a slew of new hires this morning that’s meant to deepen its operations with The Daily and ramp up its involvement with narrative projects.

Those hires include: Lisa Chow as a senior editor on The Daily, who joins from Gimlet where she was the host of the Startup podcast; Marc Georges as a new story editor on the production, who most recently worked on Tally Abecassis’ anthology documentary series First Day Back; and Adizah Eghan as a news producer on The Daily, who joins from Snap Judgment.

The team has also brought in Kelly Prime, most recently of WNYC Studios’ Radiolab, to work on its narrative projects, joining a team led by Larissa Anderson and Wendy Dorr.

These developments come shortly after Theo Balcomb’s promotion as the Executive Producer of The Daily and News. Also worth noting: producer Lynsea Garrison has been made The Daily’s first international producer, a role that will see her crossing the globe to produce stories for the year.

To contextualize the hires, NYT Audio EP Lisa Tobin tells me:

Right now, we’re focused on two key objectives: 1. The Daily will just keep getting stronger, and pushing the boundaries of what a daily news show can be and do. That means strengthening our ability to cover the news day in and day out, and it also means expanding our capacity to use the Daily for wildly ambitious storytelling. Runs of coverage, mini-series, on the ground foreign reporting — we are going to be doing all that in 2019… 2. And then a handful of the most journalistically significant stories of the year will want to be told at a level of scope and ambition that will break from The Daily. We’ll be collaborating with several Times journalists on those.

The team is still hiring for a Managing Editor to help oversee The Daily.