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Follow-up on Bilingual Podcasts

Plus: Non-English advertisers, and some notes on advertisers

Follow-up on Bilingual, and specifically Spanish, Podcasts

At the opening “provocation talks” event at the Third Coast Festival last night, Martina Castro — founder and CEO of the relatively new Adonde Media, a bilingual podcast production company — argued for the value of adapting and producing episodes for multiple languages, anchoring the argument in how such acts deepen the relationship with new audience communities for whom English are their first language. (Like me, for example.) She pointed to a few examples of such attempts, and they serve as a pretty good addendum to the Spanish gabfest piece I led the newsletter with this week. They include:

Very cool. As a side note, some readers were absolutely fascinated to hear about June Thomas’ findings about advertisers, almost expressing a sense of disbelief. Responding to those emails, it occurred to me: I know almost nothing about the history and current state of non-English digital advertising as a system, and I don’t quite know where to begin looking up credible information. Any thoughts?

Advertiser Watch

Podcast advertisers — they’re a super interesting bunch, from growing big enough to sponsor the Knicks jersey to strong-arming mattress bloggers into oblivion. So interesting, in fact, that I think it’s worth trying to test out a new Hot Pod Extra feature that runs up stories and keep tabs on prominent advertisers in the space.

  • Blue Apron’s stock price has plummeted to a record low after the CEO’s comments about margin concerns for its new fulfillment center. (Bloomberg)
  • Casper is shuttering its branded digital site, Van Winkle, in favor of launching a new print magazine called Woolly. The company hired McSweeney’s to help produce the magazine, and it will be headed up by former New York Post editor John DeVore. Check the quote from Casper VP of Comms and Brand Engagement, Lindsay Kaplan: “This isn’t traditional content marketing; there are no ads for Casper… It’s not about building a revenue stream either. It’s really about owning the conversation around wellness and health.” Huh. (WSJ)