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News Rundown: July 27, 2021

Podcasters Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen are flipping their Spotify show, Renegades: Born in the USA, into a book. Here’s the Hollywood Reporter with more information.

Speaking of Spotify: The company announced the first set of partners that will be using its Open Access Platform, which, as a reminder, allows audio publishers with paid subscription businesses managed on other platforms to distribute its premium content to their paid subscribers through Spotify, something that wasn’t previously possible. Initial partners include publishers like Slate and Vox Media, along with other subscription-facilitating platforms like Supporting Cast,, Supercast, and Memberful. You can find full details here.

Also, Call Her Daddy began its exclusive run on Spotify last week. In case you forgot: Host Alexandra Cooper had signed a deal with the company worth over $60 million spanning the next three years, according to Variety.

Clubhouse has officially moved out of beta, removing its waitlist system as part of the process.

There’s apparently a podcast coverage push around the Olympics by NBC.

Sports Illustrated will now be making a slate of podcasts through iHeartMedia, off a newly announced partnership.

Here are the first details on the next project from former Trump Inc. hosts Andrea Bernstein and Ilya Marritz: It will be an audio documentary about the January 6 attack on the US Capitol. As a reminder, the duo is now with Pineapple Street, following their departure from WNYC. Here’s Deadline with the write-up.

Speaking of WNYC: Tanzina Vega is leaving as host of The Takeaway. She announced the move in a statement posted to Twitter on Friday. In its report on the matter, The Daily Beast characterized the departure as being “amid internal tensions,” noting that the host had been “on medical leave for months at the same time the network has looked into human-resources complaints against her, including claims that on multiple occasions Vega blew up at members of her staff.” The Daily Beast also reported that Vega disputes this, with her lawyer previously telling the publication that the media had “spread false rumors about the reason for her leave.” Melissa Harris-Perry will be stepping in as interim host of The Takeaway.