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(More) Audio to TV

The pod-to-TV adaptation list now includes the BBC

Speaking of adding images to your sound, the BBC has announced that its popular Brexitcast podcast is to become a “visual event”, aka a TV show aired on Thursday nights on BBC One. It takes over from the previous flagship late night political show This Week, which is ending this autumn after 16 years on air as the presenter is stepping down.

The BBC claims this is the first BBC podcast to head to the small screen, although there have been previous attempts with outside talent, such as the No Such Thing As A Fish TV commission No Such Thing As The News. Also, hat tip to James Shield on Twitter who found the BBC pilot for a TV show based on the popular Kermode and Mayo film podcast.

The show will begin to air in September, and will remain available in audio-only format too. Something that intrigues me about it too is this bit:

Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg, Europe Editor Katya Adler, Europe Correspondent Adam Fleming, and Political Correspondent Chris Mason will continue the tradition of joining the discussion from wherever their news reporting duties take them, linking in to a state-of-the-art studio at BBC Westminster

It sounds to me like a good deal of the show is going to be two-way interviews beamed into a studio. Not being a TV expert, I have no idea how audiences traditionally respond to that, but I do know that it’s quite a departure from This Week, that emphasised cosy in-studio chats and the chemistry between guests and hosts.