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Money for Drama

Audible hasn't turned its back on original content completely, mind you.

There were big shake-ups at Audible last year, when the company eliminated lots of roles in its Originals division that worked on shorter-form podcast-esque content. However, the Amazon-owned platform hasn’t turned its back on original content completely (they just debuted a drama series by SNL’s Kate McKinnon and her sister Emily Lynne, for instance). The focus on drama in particular I understand stems from the fact that, outside of works by big names, non-fiction audiobook sales struggle to compete with fiction.

This view is further bolstered by a new prize that’s just been launched by Audible in the UK, which they’re calling the “Audio Drama Production Competition”. Four finalists will get a chance to record a 15-minute pilot, with the eventual winner receiving £5,000, access to Audible’s studios and consideration to be published on the platform. This also follows Audible’s involvement in a major UK audio drama festival, which took place earlier this month. Looks a lot like they’re on a push to buy up some new talent while it’s still cheap.