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Miscellaneous Bites: October 18, 2018

  • Quick follow-up to Tuesday’s note on New York Magazine podcasts: 2038 is being produced by FannieCo, one of those fancy boutique podcast studios you keep hearing about.
  • “Financial Times unveils FT News Briefing, supported by Equinor.” (FT Newsroom) That experience is being developed for smart speakers. Equinor, by the way, is Norway’s largest company, which is a petroleum and wind energy company, which was previously known as Statoil, and which switched the name away from “-oil” to apparently attract young talent.
  • Craig Newmark, who founded Craiglist (and has since been blamed for beginning the undermining of the newspaper classified business model, I think erroneously), has committed a $2.5 million gift to New York Public Radio, per a new profile on the guy by NY Times.
  • The Australian Broadcast Corporation put out the results of a recent survey on podcast consumption, noting a general rise year-over-year. (Website)