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Miscellaneous Bites: November 23, 2018

Numbers Watch, Kiwi-Edition. This slightly rambling and self-promotional survey of podcasting’s “meteoric growth” in New Zealand contains a few interesting data points: two true crime podcasts, Gone Fishing and Black Hands, have apparently clocked up 500,000 and 3.5 million downloads respectively. The latter is particularly intriguing, since the population of New Zealand is only 4.8 million. The suggestion is that Kiwi podcasts are punching above their weight internationally, a theory also borne out by their appearances on the UK and US Apple Podcasts charts, and several nominations for international awards.

Does the podcasting output of some places translate internationally better than others? It’s definitely an idea I’m interested in exploring — hit me up if you have thoughts on this.

The Home of Big Stories. Everyone knows that audio is how you really break news these days (cf. The Daily’s wrap up of the NYT Facebook investigation), so it came as no surprise to me that one of the biggest — and yet somehow most overlooked? — stories of recent days originated on a podcast. On the final of three Sex and the City episodes of roundtable show Origins, it was revealed that had there been a third movie in the franchise, the character of Mr Big was going to die.

Celebrities get asked these “what if” questions all the time, and the SATC stars have been politely deflecting inquiries from magazine journalists about why the next film isn’t going into production for years, but it wasn’t until they were in the more freewheeling atmosphere of a podcast that they actually shared some specifics. Interestingly, Kim Cattrall declined to participate in the episodes, and as a result we don’t get her side of things or a proper explanation as to why she didn’t want to sign on to play Samantha yet again. I feel like Anna Sale and Death Sex and Money should lead the way with the follow up interview here. We need the whole story, stat.

(I am only about 50 per cent kidding about this.)

Audio: it’s setting the agenda.