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Miscellaneous Bites: August 21, 2018

  • Futuro Media Group, the organization behind podcasts like Latino USA and In The Thick, is something called the Community Podcast Lab, a hands-on 15-week program that trains participants of color who have no formal public media experience in podcast production. The pilot program, which focuses on Boston, is now accepting applications. (Website)
  • This might be complicated for independent podcast agencies that view both Spotify and brands as potential clients: “Spotify Launches Its First Branded Podcast in Partnership With New Amsterdam Vodka.” (AdWeek)
  • Shouts to Slate, which recently made the obviously genius decision to give the Who? Weekly duo a column. (Who?)
  • Wired has a profile up on Nick Millington, the chief product officer at Sonos responsible for the company’s speakers and software — along with its vision of an audio internet. (Wired)