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Microphones on the Small Screen

More podcast-to-TV adaptations means... more public radio producers portrayed poorly on television? Bring 'em!

As we noted on Tuesday, Jessica Biel has signed on to star in Facebook Watch’s ten-episode adaptation of the Limetown podcast. She’ll play Lia Haddock, a journalist for “American Public Radio” who ends up investigating mysterious disappearances at a Tennessee research facility.

I share Nick’s curiosity about whether anyone actually watches Facebook Watch (apparently they just had a show out called Sorry for Your Loss starring Elizabeth Olsen, which garnered some good reviews but I have yet to hear one peep about from ordinary people) but I’m also particularly interested to see how Limetown translates from audio to screen. Podcast screen adaptations are coming thick and fast now, both fiction and non-fiction, but there are two points about this one that stand out to me: one, it’s being written and executive produced by Limetown creators Zack Akers and Skip Bronkie, and two, the premise of the show features an actual radio journalist making radio — a nod to the original’s format that most adaptations skip over by removing the audio frame and just focusing on the story. With Biel playing Haddock, the podcast’s host, this won’t be possible, so I look forward to see how Limetown handles that. I mean, we all remember what happened the last time someone tried to put a mic on screen.