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Meta: We’re taking rest of August off (almost)

Hey all, Nick here.

Big piece of housekeeping today. In the summer spirit of recharging, recuperating, and getting ready for… well, whatever might be around the corner in this pandemic, Hot Pod is taking the rest of August off

Well, to a point. There will be no free Tuesday issues, but we will still be publishing an Insider for paid subscribers on Thursdays to string together the news beats from the week. This is a subscription business and a service, after all, and the life of the so-called solopreneur never, ever stops. And of course, if something really big happens (broadly defined), I’ll publish an emergency newsletter. But other than that, nada. (So if you’re interested in becoming a paid subscriber, click on the big orange Subscribe button below.)

Listen, I meant what I said a few weeks back that I’m burnt out, and even after some experiments with adjusting workloads, I just don’t think I’m going to be truly back on the level without a solid block of days of really checking out — especially after the past year and change. Plus, I turn 32 tomorrow, which is as good a time as any to stare off into space and ponder the degree to which I am washed.

So, we’re taking things down several notches for a few weeks. Regular publishing will resume in September.

Anyway, that’s all for housekeeping. Take care, keep well, and I’ll see you soon.