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Meta Note: March 28, 2019

On Spreadsheets and Databases, coming soon.

So, working off reader responses to my call for Hot Pod development ideas, it turns out that one thing more than a few long-time Insider subscribers really want is for HP to bring back the spreadsheet-databases — of numbers, of organizations, of money — that I very briefly experimented with a few years ago. For full context: I didn’t continue with that experiment because I found out that some readers were passing those spreadsheets along to non-paid subscribers (which isn’t cool, because this is a small business where every dollar counts), and I had wanted to figure out a way to stage those newsletters somewhat securely before rolling it back out… but I just never got around to doing it.

Well, I think I’ve figure out a way. If all goes well, you’ll start seeing them again next Thursday or Friday. Stay tuned.