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Meanwhile, in Seattle…

The second installment of PodCon — the podcast conference/convention founded by VidCon’s Hank Green, Night Vale’s Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor, McElroys Travis and Justin, and directed by VidCon’s Monica Gasper — took place in Seattle over the weekend, and I hear it was bumpin’.

When asked how it went, Green tells me:

I feel like me just talking about how happy I am is going to sound disingenuous, but I am very happy. It was a really exciting and special and exhausting weekend. The creators and communities that gathered were thoughtful and respectful and excited and hilarious and moving and kind. There’s also some apprehension and concern, of course, and I hope that PodCon and events like it will help us all go into the future with open eyes and an understanding that nothing in media is inevitable… that humans decide what the future will be.