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Luminary to launch April 24

With 23 exclusive shows in tow.

The subscription audio app — or, to be more specific, the podcast app with a paid audio content portfolio underlying the value proposition — announced this morning that it will officially roll out to the public on April 23. This development mildly rewrites what was previously mentioned in the splashy New York Times coming-out party piece, which noted that the platform was “set to arrive by June.”

Two things to note. First, the roll-out will take place in app stores in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia. And second, Luminary will start out with 23 exclusive shows that will live behind the paywall, which will be a mix of original properties — including those projects by Adam Davidson, Guy Raz, Lauren Shippen, and The Ringer — and pre-existing shows that are moving into the platform full-time. The first episode of those shows, it seems, will be made available to non-paying users as teasers. If you’re wondering, the company has commissioned over 40 original shows in total, so be aware that there’s a pipeline there.

So, something to cap off the month. More thoughts on this development in Tuesday’s newsletter.