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Luminary Billboards

Also, their beta app went out on Tuesday.

Is taking out a billboard a status symbol for podcast folk or something? More to the point: does outdoor advertising still drive effective marketing outcomes? (Apparently the answer is yes? Maybe iHeartMedia should hold onto its billboard advertising business instead of spinning it out under the IPO plan.)

In any case, in the wake of Atlanta Monster, Dr. Death, and Topher Grace, out-of-home advertising appears to be part of Luminary’s marketing blitz mix. A kind Hot Pod Insider subscriber DM’ed me pictures of these billboards found in SoHo:

If you squint at the upper billboard in the left picture, you can see the conceptual hook of this billboard splash: a significant reliance on celebrity brand names… and an assumption that ordinary folk would know who they are.

Anyway, what’s up with the recent design fixation on yellow these days?

I’m the least trendy person in existence, so I’d love to know how these design clusters happen.

On a related note. Folks who signed up for Luminary early received invites to test out the beta on Tuesday. I’m still playing around with it, and will likely have some rudimentary thoughts tomorrow.

On another related note. From Deadline: “FilmNation Enters Podcast Game With Audio Division Launch.” Note that the first core project is a science fiction anthology series hosted by Kerry Bishe (of the criminally underrated Halt and Catch Fire fame) that’ll go behind the Luminary paywall, and that the project is produced with Gretta Cohn’s Transmitter Media.